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Web Support

HELP… My website is down… Pages are not showing up… Pages are all jacked up…
No Problem, we have professional developers on staff that can review/trouble shoot your website and figure out what is wrong and how to fix it.

WordPress Development

Are you looking for an open source platform to post articles, content, images and important documents. WordPress may be a good fit for you.WordPress is extremely popular, great tech support and easy to use when it comes to content management systems.

Shopify Custom Development

Looking to sell your items on line? We offer Shopify Theme integration and Custom Theme production. Contact us about your Shopify ideas and we can make them come to life, sell online and track orders and inventory. The shopify system is really tech advanced with an option that fits just about any online business.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

You want to be able to manage your website without being a “web designer”… CMS is a viable option that puts you in control of your website and the content that is published on it. From updating pages, adding new pages, photo galleries, posting new articles, it is all possible with the right CMS. Let us review your project needs and recommend the right CMS for you.

eCommerce/Shopping Cart

Be honest: how much do you hate chatty salespeople getting all up in your business about what you’re shopping for, who you’re shopping for and telling you all about every “great deal” in the store? Yeah, we do too. That’s why eCommerce is one of the Internet’s greatest gifts to mankind. Today, people want instant gratification—the days of circling the mall for a parking spot and weaving through gobs of people are quickly disappearing. Social Media These days, it seems everybody is jumping on the Facebook bandwagon—and for good reason. Social networking sites (including MySpace, and LinkedIn) are a great way to connect with people who share your interests, opinions and passions. So it’s no surprise that companies big and small are utilizing these websites to get their name out there and hook customers.

PayPal Integration

Does your site need users to pay for merchandise or a subscription? Why not offer them the easiest way to pay online? Paypal is a service that allows people to pay for anything online without the need to give the seller bank account information or credit card information. This allows for the end user to pay for things without worrying about their financial security. Paypal is one of the most used payment methods on the internet.

If you wanted to buy something online, imagine if the website wouldn’t let you pay for what you wanted with a credit card. You would be surprised wouldn’t you? Authorized.Net allows for your users to pay for things with a credit card. This is extremely important if you want your users not to buy from a different website.

Facebook Integration

Social networks are some of the most important advances in the history of the internet. These sites connect people and allow for social interaction throughout the web. Social networks allow for users to invite and share content with their friends. That content could be in your site. You wouldn’t want your site to miss out on user impressions because of a lack of networking would you? The social network Facebook, at the time of writing, has over 750 million users.


Some web designers won’t even touch it, a few still use tables and many can’t validate it, but we get our kicks from writing valid CSS and HTML code. We believe that writing code is an art form, and with that in mind, we write some of the cleanest, most-attractive code around. If our code was in high school, it would definitely be the prom queen: it’s the envy of all the other programmers and it’s compatible with the most popular browsers on the net, all for your website.

Web Hosting

You might need a little “down time” to unwind every now and then, but if your website takes a timeout, so does your business. What good is a great website if it shuts down every time traffic flow is high? You need a trusted server to host your site that can handle all of your data, including content, pictures and videos, with as little down time as possible. Think of your website as your child. You worked hard to make sure it was successful and you’re darn proud of it.

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