About Us

Company Overview

Costa Designs Inc. is a full-service interactive agency specializing in interactive web media and advertising. Our capabilities include brand positioning, identity design, advertising, website design and online marketing, social media marketing, collateral, packaging, point of sale design, environmental design, and photography. We strive to provide our clients with effective and engaging interactive media and the strategic tools to drive search market traffic. Our services include Web Design, Photography, Print Design, and Marketing/Advertising Strategies. We have earned a solid reputation for professionalism, working with such organizations as US Navy, Gold Key PHR, Dominion Enterprises, Norfolk Naval Station and many more. We have been awarded the pleasure of helping our clients with innovative, but classically inspired designs.

Established in 1999, Costa Designs has evolved into a stronger and more focused firm. Our staff is more capable than ever. As a group, we have a vast range of experience, and are always looking for a challenge. With a relatively small group of professionals, we can stay focused exclusively on our clients. Out team is versatile and capable of serving most client needs. Yet our offerings are not so extensive that we risk being second best in anything we do. By specializing in the core design and communications services, we’re able to deliver consistently excellent quality. We carefully manage our client roster, too.

We are passionate about the quality of work we do with existing clients, and will never take on a new client if it will in any way compromise one of these relationships. This is one of the reasons, we believe, that our clients have entrusted us with more and more challenging assignments over the years. We’ve also refined our vision of design and the design process, and believe we’ve earned the right to call ourselves leaders. Our consultative approach, which is content-driven, and guided by the client’s business objectives is time tested and effective. Our most successful projects are usually collaborative efforts, in which the Costa Designs team and the client team listen closely to each other, producing integrated, strategic solutions.

Costa Designs is tough under pressure and strong enough to lead your vision. Our work is enduring, never trendy, and we help our clients create things of refinement, quality, and beauty.

Our Process

Our design process is proven to not only get results but get the results you are looking for. We work to communicate your vision and message through our design process in order to make long lasting impressions with your audience. This design process is broken into 6 initial phases:

Taking into consideration your ideas about design and user experiences, we then would like to understand how your business runs and the processes involved. The knowledge acquired during this process will aide in the overall presentation of your specific internet/website strategy. At this time we also investigate your competition, what they are doing, what they not doing and what they should be doing.

The core of a great website is the interaction with its user. If a user can not find what they are looking for, what good is your website? During this process we work with you in developing your flow of content, prototype designs (wire frames), and can integrate usability testing.

Now that we understand your goals, what the competition is doing and the information that needs to be presented, we can focus on the visual design. Here will will develop the ascetics, layout and BRAND that will be presnted to your viewers. Homepage Design, Content Page Designs, Blog Designs, Animation and any other additional integrated feature that are a must to get your message out there.

Once the design is discussed and agreed on, we move into the architecture of the development. This process includes the development of the coding that will be implemented in order to present the graphics and applications within one seamless ‘BRANDED” website.

In order to develop and follow results, we must monitor your results. During this process we take into consideration all of the available analytics involved with your website and look for “red flags”. “Red Flags” are problems in user interaction. Such as;

  • How long are they on your site?
  • What pages are they looking at?
  • What is the return rate vs the bounce rates?
  • Top exit pages?
  • And much much more…

What good is a great website if no one sees it? Taking into consideration all of your goals and budgets we can create a marketing strategy to suit your needs. From natural search optimization and pay per click campaigns to all sorts of print marketing campaigns. We have you covered and can provide a plan that works.

Work with us.

Have a project or an idea? We’d love to talk with you and see if we’re a good fit. Drop us a line.