TrollPro Underwater Housing

Project Scope:

Marketing Branding, Advertising, Graphic Design, Website Design


TrollPro™, one of the most innovative accessories to come along in awhile, expands the versatility of your waterproof video camera to produce stunning, professional quality, underwater action video of your trolling spread. The latest model is designed to support the line of GoPro™ HD Hero cameras, rapidly gaining popularity with boaters and sports fishermen as one of the most affordable, high performance, high definition video cameras with a waterproof housing. TrollPro™, Patent Pending design, tested and produced by Virginia Beach Charter Captain Dave Wessner, in association with Get Reel Lure Company and Captain Don Malkowski is making quite a splash at its public unveilings. Wessner, also a retired Marine, tests weapons systems for the US Marine Corps and is no stranger to tough requirements and rigorous testing.

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